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Prime Time




A staple act at Washington Talent for more than 15 years, PRIME TIME will exceed your expectations and leaving your guest begging for more. A well tune and refined cutting edge wedding band!

Sporting the FEEL GOOD name PRIME TIME, this group high energy musicians will have your guests out of the their seats and keep your dance floor packed! Orlando, Sean and Katie Travers, the guiding lights of PRIME TIME are fronting a Truly Dynamic band. This awesome front 3 is backed by Keith Jones on Drums, Chris Stott on Bass, Koli Jennings on Guitar and in the role of keys, musical director, and band leader, Mr. Sean Nix. Their set list is an A-Z of music from today’s hottest hits to medley’s and selections from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Hands down from the first time we met them at the their show. If you are looking for an high energy, good looking, great voice, interact with guests, and fun, then Prime Time is the one. Each member has different talent, but they come together as a team which gives our guests a great night great night. Our guests came to me at the end of the night and told me that they couldn’t dance anymore because the band was fantastic. So many compliments on the band, singers, music, and songs they chose for the night. Songs for everyone, for every ages and generations! Even my dad never dances before, came out and danced for the whole night. My aunts and uncles didn’t dance but they enjoyed every single song; they told me “the band is so good, their voices are fantastic!” My husband worked with Aaron for our first dance song. They did a great job on our first dance. They sang all my requested songs through the night which made my night more special. Plus Aaron was a pleasant to work with. You guys are awesome. Great voices! Can’t take your voice out of my head for three days. Every time listening to wedding songs or Top 40 I miss my wedding band. Wedding 6/10 Celebrations at the Bay

Prime Time, You have a special gift in this industry.  You really gave us a party that everyone could participate in. Your enthusiasm was contagious and we were amazed how the reception flowed and the energy was on high all night.”
Rick and Ana Zuck

“I wish I could have another function, just to have Prime Time play again. They were excellent.”
Rachelle Fall

“Prime Time was exactly what we were looking for in band.  They were energetic, professional and extremely entertaining!”
Alice Harris

“The band exceeded our expectations. They were absolutely phenomenal.  I heard several times they were the best band they ever heard.”
Allison Kehoe